Can „Khan“ Oral

Khan is a professional in the fields of music, arts, and creative producing. Khan moves at the interface of digital and real. His creative way of expression is music, photography, and art itself. He is interested in new subcultural behaviors that result from our digital interaction and real life together. In his art, he overcomes these poles.

„I’m interested in ideas, emotions, and bodily fluids“

Khan has collaborated with Diamanda Galas, Julee Cruise, Kim Gordon, Brigitte Fontaine, Kid Congo Powers, J Mascis, Little Annie, Jon Spencer, Andre Williams, Jimi Tenor, Francoise Cactus, Alexander Kowalski, Dr. Walker, DJ Kaos, Rodion, Tiefschwarz, Adana Twins, Captain Comatose, International Pony, Air Liquide, Captain Comatose, Stereo Total, Terranova, Baba Zula a.m.m.

Die Bücher von Can „Khan“ Oral sind erhältlich im Onlinebuchshop Gay Book Fair, im gutsortierten Buchhandel und in Bonn im Buchladen des Bundesamtes für magische Wesen.